System Settings

Manage system-wide settings for your Dradis Pro instance on the Settings page. Remember, in order to access or change any of these settings, you must first sign in as Administrator.

Administration 27
Name Description
Admin: Emails Node This is currently not used.
Admin: Mail Host The internal host name of the Dradis box, used for creating URLs in emails sent from the app.
Admin: Max Deleted Inline This number determines how many items you have to select in a multi-delete operation (e.g. when deleting multiple Issues) before it’s handled by a background worker.
Admin:Paths: Note Templates The folder where Note templates are stored.
Admin:Paths:Templates: Plugins The folder where Plugin Manager templates are stored.
Admin:Paths:Templates: Reports The folder where Report templates are stored.
Admin:Paths:Templates: Methodologies The folder where Methodology templates are stored.
Admin:Paths:Templates: Projects The folder where Project Templates are stored.
Admin:Plugins: Uploads Node The name given to the node used to store uploaded files in each project.
Admin: Signups Enabled Check out the Enabling / Disabling Sign Ups page of this guide that explains how manage sign ups on your Dradis Pro instance.
Admin: Revision For internal use, it keeps track of the project content version.

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