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Guides and Videos

Overview / Installation

Dradis Pro in the cloud Pro Only

While the only officially supported platforms are VMware and VirtualBox, we recognize some teams need to deploy Dradis Pro in the cloud.

Integrations, scripting and API

API and scripting

Community Projects

check-user-pwned-dradis - Searches for compromised emails across data breaches and creates Dradis Issues.
csv-data-import-dradis - CSV import for Dradis
PyDradis - Python wrapper for the Dradis API

Other Support Channels


Custom Word Report Templates Available for Download in the Portal

Templates 01

Advanced Word Template

Use Dradis notes for your conclusions, sort your findings by severity, make use of document properties, etc.

Templates 02

Risk Configuration Template

Sort the findings in your report by High / Medium / Low (or a similar combination like Critical / High / Medium / Low / Info).

Templates 03

CVSSv2 Configuration Template

Sort the findings in your report by a numeric score like a CVSSv2 score or a DREAD score.

Templates 04

Impact & Probability Configuration Template

This report uses a combination of two or more scores (e.g. Impact & Probability, Risk & Likelihood, etc.) to calculate the final risk score of each finding.

Templates 05

Reporting by Host & Issue

This report contains a list of findings and a list of which findings affect what hosts plus the evidence associated with each instance.

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