Automagically Manage Output From 20+ Security Scanners

Define Powerful Rules To Take Control Of The Assessment Workflow

Combine 20+ Security Scanners

Automatically process findings from scanning tools - like Burp, Nmap, Metasploit, NeXpose, and Nessus - as you import them into your into a project based on the criteria defined in the Rules Engine. Rules are all chainable, easy to manage, and they’ll make managing security findings a breeze.

Screenshot of many security scanning tool logos

Tame Data Overload

You use multiple scanning tools and need a better way to manage the flood of output. Rules Engine lets you create custom rules for importing, categorizing, and combining findings from different tools. How much time will you save when you define how these tools work together - instead of drowning you in a flood of data?

Screenshot of setting up a rule in Rules Engine

Discard, Merge & De-Duplicate

Using multiple scanners often leads to duplicated findings that would usually have to be cleaned up manually in your report. Let Dradis manage that automatically with the Rules Engine.

Screenshot showing a rule to de-duplicate findings from two tools.

Swap Descriptions & Ratings

Pair with the Issue Library to replace vendor-provided vulnerability descriptions with your well-crafted write-ups. Use rules to tag findings based on your rating criteria for severity.

Screenshot of showing the issue library action in Rules Engine
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