All assessment information in one place

Nodes, issues, evidence, notes, and attachments all in the same page.

The Project Summary view with Findings Chart, Methodology Progress and Project Team components. The all-in-one view in the context of the node tree.

For each finding, attach evidence associated and include the full details of the issue.
Read more about Issues/Evidence in our blog.

A screenshot showing an Issue (SSLv2 enabled) and part of the associated Evidence

Advanced reporting

Generate custom reports with the click of a button.
Create beautiful branded reports in whatever format you need. Word reports

Export to multiple formats and use different templates for different project types:

The Export Manager lets you choose the plugin and template before generating the report. The Template Manager lets you conveniently manage your different reporting templates

Some of our advanced reporting features

Simple report template using multiple sections and document properties.

Easy note filtering.

Shows a template that filters notes by the Impact field.

Map custom fields in your notes to arbitrary locations in your reports.
Create reports as complete as you need them to be.

Shows a report showing all the required fields for a PCI ASV report. Shows a complex report with tables, icons and color-coded issue ratings.

Follow your own testing methodology

Provide a consistent experience.

Shows the methodology progress tracker interface.

Never forget any checks. Bring less experienced people up-to-speed with your existing methodologies.

Shows the methodology manager interface.

You can add multiple methodologies to any project to cover all the phases involved.

Shows a project without methodologies, ready to add a few. Shows the dropdown list of available methodologies. Shows the methodologies in use, tick off items as you go along.

Gather information from external tools

Dradis Pro works with the tools you already use.

Use the Plugin Manager to customize the output from different tools to fit your needs.

Main Plugin Manager interface with guidance on how it works

Each plugin defines a list of available fields that you can use however you want
to create notes with the fields you need.

Using the Plugin Manager to customize the NessusUpload template

Dradis Pro works with the tools you already use. Fire your favorite tool and upload and share the results.

Upload Manager: list of available plugins Sample run of file upload: Nmap XML results file

Plugin output is presented in a clean, elegant way:

A screenshot of the content generated by the Nmap plugin showing host names, IPs, a list of services in table format, etc.

Search for entries in remote sources and import the results.
Among other we support OSVDB, MediaWiki, VulnerabilityDB HQ and Metasploit sources.

Searchg for entries in remote sources and import the results.

Browse through the results and add them to your library with one click:

A screenshot showing the list of results with one of them opened and ready for import, there is an *add this issue* link on the top-right corner

Multiple teams working together

After logging in, users select what project they want to work on in this session.

Client manager

Users sign up and create their profile. Multiple users can be working in different teams simultaneously.

Login page User profile

Administrators can manage all aspects of the environment.

User admin page

Fast notes with Note Templates

Make sure your notes always have all the fields you need for the report.
Create different templates for different clients or different types of projects.

Shows the project creation page with a drop down list with the available methodologies. Shows the project creation page with a drop down list with the available methodologies.

Using project templates

Ensure that your team is working consistently, create custom project templates and use them across all your projects.
Read more about creating your own project templates

Shows the project creation page with a drop down list with the available methodologies.

With project templates you can create a consistent project structure throughout all the engagements.

Shows a capture of the structure created after using the web applications methodology.

Note editor with built-in preview

Our note editor supports markup to create advanced formatting.
The Preview feature lets you see the end result at a glance (without leaving the editor window).

Note editor: writing mode Note editor: preview mode Note editor: formatting cheat sheet

Extra features that make your life easier

Drag'n'drop file upload: Upload screenshots, scoping documents or any other evidence gathered during the test.

Nodes can have files attached to them

Paste screenshots directly: If your browser supports it, paste images from the clipboard and they'll be uploaded.

Paste screenshots directly in your browser from the clipboard


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