Our Vision

Making your day-to-day work easier

Security specialists thrive when attacking (or defending) systems. Everything else (e.g. reporting, project planing, etc.) is overhead.

A centralized vulnerability database, a way for the team to share information, a automated reporting tool... these systems are a must for every security group that wants to stay competitive (or be cost-effective).

We just do software. No security testing. No distractions.

We can help you in a few ways:

  • Collaborate efficiently and share information.
  • Be consistent across engagements, don't forget anything, avoid surprises.
  • No headaches. Our solutions work out-of-the-box, no installation needed.
  • Great support. Your pain is our pain. We're here to help and to give you piece of mind.

Some of our clients

Security Roots vs in-house development

Q: Why should we use your solutions if we have an in-house geek that will create something from scratch for free?

A: Don't get us wrong, we love geeks. We love to code and create easy-to-use tools, it is our core business. Unfortunately, the in-house approach doesn't always work.

  • In-house != free. You have to allocate the time to build, maintain and update your in-house solutions.
  • This approach does not scale. Your revenue comes from your client work, not from spending time and resources working on your back-end systems.
  • This approach is risky. What happens when your in-house geek leaves the company? Can someone fix / improve the old system or are you back to square one?
  • Dradis = up and running. Hit the ground running with a tool that works. Today.
  • Scaling and updates on us. You are fully supported with a team ready to help. You get access to product releases, feature updates, and patches.
  • You own your data. You can always access your data (i.e. no vendor lock-in). All our tools provide export interfaces and APIs.

Read more about another team's experience in our Build vs Buy case study.

Our track record

We've been using Dradis Pro for over a year now and it's really helped us speed up our testing and ensure that we're providing a consistent service to our customers.

Rory McCune
Director, ScotSTS Ltd.

Before Dradis, we had spreadsheets, lots of emails and lots of wasted time. Now, we seamlessly integrate team members, often working remotely, and have gained in efficiency and profitability.

Allen Harper
President, N2NetSecurity