Release highlights

See some of the new features and updates we've included in the latest releases.

Video v390 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.9.0 Release Highlights (2:02)

Dradis version 3.9.0 includes NOT and OR filter operators, the ability to upload screenshots via the toolbar or drag-and-drop, and visual validation help.

Video v380 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.8.0 Release Highlights (2:11)

Dradis version 3.8.0 includes per-tool permissions, new AffectedCount and AffectedList content controls, and a Projects table.

Video v370 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.7.0 Release Highlights (2:05)

Dradis version 3.7.0 includes a new editor, formatting toolbar and methodology improvements.

Video v360 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.6.0 Release Highlights (1:01)

Dradis version 3.6.0 includes a brand new layout for your projects that should improve your life.

Video v350 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.5.0 Release Highlights (1:38)

Dradis version 3.5.0 includes Email notifications and subscriptions, column sorting for data tables, Burp Issue level severity, and more.

Video v340 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.4.0 Release Highlights (1:46)

Dradis version 3.4.0 includes Per-Node Methodologies, highlighting in code blocks, merging Nodes, collapsible sidebars, and more.

Video v330 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.3.0 Release Highlights (1:01)

Dradis version 3.3.0 includes TFS integration, a draft-saving feature, and a new kit upload that configures your instance at once.

Video v320 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.2.0 Release Highlights (1:20)

Dradis version 3.2.0 ships the IssueLibrary with the rest of the app and inclues an integrated CVSS calculator in the Issue view.

Video v310 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.1.0 Release Highlights (1:04)

Dradis version 3.1.0 lets you comment on Evidence and Notes, checks files before upload, and catches blank fields in the validator.

Video v300 highlights

Dradis Professional v3.0.0 Release Highlights (1:22)

Dradis version 3.0.0 lets you comment on Issues and open more than one project at a time.

Video v290 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.9.0 Release Highlights (1:33)

Dradis version 2.9.0 includes list view for notes and evidences, Business Intelligence trend analysis, and report content attachments.

Video v280 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.8.0 Release Highlights (1:07)

Dradis version 2.8.0 includes Excel reporting with macros and ContentBlocks to manage all your long-form report content.

Video v270 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.7.0 Release Highlights (1:07)

Dradis version 2.7.0 includes Excel reporting and a new Report Content page for managing document properties.

Video v260 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.6.0 Release Highlights (0:51)

Dradis version 2.6.0 includes a restyled Methodologies feature and a new Combine Issues feature.

Video v250 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.5.0 Release Highlights (1:12)

Dradis version 2.5.0 includes a trash feature to recover deleted content and automatically generates your Issue template from report template properties.

Video v240 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.4.0 Release Highlights (1:46)

Dradis version 2.4.0 includes project-wide search, add evidence to multiple nodes and issue/template validation.

Video v230 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.3.0 Release Highlights (1:11)

Dradis version 2.3.0 includes updates to the All Issues page to change the display and filter the Issues in your project.

Video v200 highlights

Dradis Professional v2.0.0 Release Highlights (1:32)

Dradis version 2.0.0 introduced new features including the activity feed, versioned content, and the pre-export validator.

Video tips & tricks

Learn by watching with these short video tutorials.

Word reporting tips

Video your first report

Your first report (2:13)

This video shows how to create your very first report using the default project and default template that ship with Dradis Pro.

Video reports dradisreports

Reporting 101 (4:06)

This video shows how to create a report template from scratch: starting with a normal Word document, we add the placeholders for our fields, upload the result and export a report in a few minutes.

Video advanced reporting

Advanced reporting (6:07)

This video shows how to combine all the reporting features into a fairly complex template.

Video using word macros

Using Word macros (1:58)

This video shows a couple of Word macros that will make your life easier

Video nessus to word

From Nessus to Word (5:54)

This video outlines the steps to go from a Nessus file to an exported word report including basic report structure, the Plugin Manager, and integrating your Issue and Evidence templates.

Video qualys to word

From Qualys to Word (3:13)

This video outlines the steps to go from a Qualys file to an exported Word report. Start with your Issue template and work through the steps to create a custom template.

Video screenshots

Add a Screenshot to your Project (1:43)

Include screenshots in your reports by uploading them as an attachment to a Node, then add them to your project.

Working with projects

Video project tour

New project tour (2:03)

This video walks you through the structure of your Dradis projects and shows you how to perform key operations.

Video create project

Create a new project (1:13)

This video walks you through the steps to create a new project, assign it to a team, use a project template, and assign team members to the project.

Video project structure

A sample project structure (3:11)

This video shows how to structure your project data in a consistent way.

Video note templates

Note templates (1:41)

This video shows how to use Note Templates to speed up your day-to-day work.

Video project methodology

Add Methodology to Project (2:34)

This video shows how to use Methodologies in your project plus where you can find them for download.

Other bits and pieces

Video issuelibrary

IssueLibrary Basics (1:40)

This video shows you how to create an new entry in your IssueLibrary and then add that entry to a project.

Video custom tags

Customizing tag names and colors (1:25)

This video shows how you can customize the default names and colors for your tags.

Video smart refresh

Smart refresh (1:40)

This video shows how the changes made by one user of Dradis are pushed to any other users working on the same project.

Video ova to ovf

OVA to OVF (3:02)

If when importing the 1.9 OVA you get an error complaining about not finding the OVF file at the beginning of the archive, try this: rename .ova to .tar, extract and import the .ovf.

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