Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get a subscription

What hardware and software are required?

Dradis Professional ships as a virtual machine image that includes all software required to get up and running. The only additional software required is a compatible virtual machine environment.

The following minimal hardware requirements are suggested for production deployments:

  • Processor: Two 3.0 GHz CPU cores (or virtual equivalent)
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Disk: 75 GB VM root partition
  • Storage: High-performance SAN or locally attached storage

Which Virtual Machine environments are supported?

Dradis is distributed in the industry standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF) only. Environments with official OVF support include:

While we officially support VMware and VirtualBox hypervisors, our community has successfully deployed Dradis Pro in the following environments:

Vendor Product Version Supported Confirmed to work by community?
Proxmox KVM Not Yes
VMware ESXi 5.1 Enterprise Yes Yes
ESXi 6.5 Yes Yes
Fusion 7.11 Yes
vSphere Hypervisor Yes Yes
VirtualBox 4.3.12 (Mac) Yes Yes

Can Dradis Pro be deployed on-premises?

Yes. Deploy Dradis on-prem as a virtual appliance with one of the officially supported hypervisiors.

We understand that teams may need to deploy in the cloud or outside our officially supported platforms. Because of this, we offer several unofficial deployment guides for several popular cloud environments. Please be aware we are only able to extend best-effort support for these deployment options.

Contact us with specific deployment environment questions.

Is there an installer for the X operating system?

No. At the moment Dradis Pro is only available as a virtual appliance. This is to ensure we can support all the different platforms our users run.

Can you merge output from different tools to generate a report?

Yes. We integrate with over a dozen tools including Nessus, Burp, Qualys and Nexpose. You can use the Plugin Manager to map between the output produced by those tools and what you need for your report.

See also: From Nessus to Word: a hands-on-example.

Is Dradis compatible with Word for Mac?

Yes. However, some Word for Mac users will be well aware that Microsoft doesn't keep 1:1 compatibility between the versions of Word for Windows and Mac.

Two key differences can potentially affect Dradis Pro users of Word for Mac:

  1. Content Controls are not available.

    We use content controls to create Dradis Word report templates so in practical terms it means that you cannot use Word for Mac to create or edit Dradis report templates.

    The good news is, that with our Concierge reporting service you don't have to create these templates, we will create them for you.

    You can open the Dradis-generated reports in Word for Mac for editing and final tweaking.

  2. The VBA engine in Word for Mac is limited.

    The Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) engine in Word for Mac is much more limited than its Windows counterpart. Many key pieces are missing, one of which is the Charting library. In practical terms this means that you cannot run macros in Mac that update the Charts in your document.

    If you don't need macros that update your charts that's not a problem, and you can always manually update your charts using the usual Word interface.

Will you sign an NDA?

Absolutely, if you require for us to sign an NDA we're happy to do it as part of our Enterprise plan subscription.

Ordering process

How can I buy Dradis Professional?

You can buy Dradis Pro exclusively through the online order form. Please visit our Pricing page for more details.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay using credit card, PayPal, wire transfer or check. We always require payment in advance of delivery.

How is the software delivered?

When your order is completed, we will send you an email with login information. You can then log in to your account on our system and download the software.

I'm an end user and want to buy Dradis, how do I generate a quote?

  • Quotations are valid for 90 days.
  • To renew a license or add a user to a license please contact us and we will send you a quotation or invoice from which you can pay online.
  • For Assess plan and Remediate plan quotations, see below.
  • For Enterprise plan quotations, please contact us.

Steps to generate your quote:

  1. Visit the pricing page, and select the right currency (EUR, GBP or USD).
  2. Click on the Buy Assess button for the Assess plan, or the Buy Remediate button for the Remediate plan.
  3. Enter the number of seats you need.
  4. Once you fill in your details, you'll be able to download a quote (link is under Your order summary box).

If you've followed all the above steps and still can't generate a quote, please contact us indicating your quote / order number.


How long is a Dradis Professional subscription valid for?

Licenses are normally valid for one year from the date of purchase. Multi-year subscriptions are available.

What happens if the team grows and we need to add more subscription?

That's not a problem, we do prorated new seat costs. Contact us and we can help you out.

How many people can use a Dradis Professional subscription?

Each subscription is valid for a certain number of users. This number can be specified during the ordering process and is displayed within Settings section of the product. The number of users on your subscription must be sufficient for the number of users who ever make use of the software.

For the avoidance of doubt, "users" means actual individual people, not concurrent users or installations or anything else.

Enter your team size in the pricing calculator to calculate your subscription fee.

After you get a subscription

Will I receive free updates to the software?

New updates to Dradis Pro are released regularly, and these are made available without charge to our users. We reserve the right to change this policy in future, but have no current plans to do so.

In addition, subscribers receive early access to new features without having to wait until official releases.

I'm having issues deploying it in VirtualBox

See these instructions. Still stuck? Contact support.

I'm getting a 403 Forbidden error when accessing Dradis

This happens when the encrypted volume used to securely store your data in the appliance has not been properly mounted. Try this:

# as root or via sudo
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/dradispro/data data-open
mount /dev/mapper/data-open /mnt/data
view raw hosted with ❤ by GitHub

If it doesn't seem to work, let us know via the community forum.

How do I configure the appliance with a static IP address

Use your SSH credentials to log in as root.

Then edit /etc/network/interfaces. You will have something like this:

auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Comment these lines and add the following ones (replace with your values):

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Tweak /etc/resolv.conf if you need to adjust your DNS settings.

Lastly, make sure to disable all DHCP services, e.g. dhcpcd, dhclient


If it doesn't seem to work, let us know.

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