Keep Everyone On The Same Page

Increase your team’s performance with our built-in collaboration features

Share a common view of the entire project so that the team can work together towards a common goal.

Screenshot of Dradis' Project Summary page showing Issues, Team, and Methodology progress

Each person can work on a different project or as part of a team. Changes made by any member of the team are automatically pushed to all the others.

Project selection view, with most recent projects highlighted at the top

Going offsite or offline with Dradis Pro doesn't mean out of sync. Project import and export make it easy to sync up when you return.

View showing the export option available to take the project offline

Compare different versions of the Issues in your project. Use the line-by-line breakdown to quickly see what was changed.

View showing the differences between edits by different users on a given Issue

With our auto-tracking feature, you’ll always know who did what with timestamps for each activity.

The Recent activity tab and the Activity Feed show recent updates made by all team members

Get warned if someone else modifies the content you were working on. Take comfort in knowing that you're always working with the latest version of the project.

A screenshot showing a warning to let the user know that changes were made to the note while he was editing its contents

How Much Will You Save?

ROI calculator: Tell us about your business.

We've got people in the team, each of us is involved in about projects per month on average, and our average rate is around $ USD.

If we could save hours per report. How much money will using Dradis Pro save us?

If you saved 2 hours per report, or $200 at your current rate, times 3 projects a month: you'll save $600 per person each month, that's $3,000 for the 5 of you every month.

Just to be clear, the investment required for Dradis Pro is $79 per person (or $474 for the team). If the tool saves you $600, the first $474 go towards paying for itself and the remaining $521 are pure savings, every month. That's $6,252 per year that you're leaving on the table.

There are lots of things you can do with $6,252:

  • Invest more time testing to get more results and add more value to your clients.
  • Use that time to wrap up the project and update your testing methodologies.
  • Use that time to find new clients.
  • Pass the savings to your clients and become more competitive.
  • Don't tell anyone and just pocket the savings.

Streamline InfoSec Project Delivery

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  • Reporting and much more...

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