Gain Actionable Insight Across Projects

Collect and Visualize Metrics About Security Assessments

Compare Multiple Assessments

Analyze findings across two or more projects using Business Intelligence trend analysis. Compare past assessments to retests to identify changes in security posture. Identify project and industry trends to make the right decisions by visualizing critical data in a single view.

Screenshot of the Business Intelligence Dashboard comparing teams

Discover Hidden Insights

Distill information about the many projects you run each year to find opportunities to make your business more productive and profitable. Collect the details that matter most to you and use the Business Intelligence dashboard to see the bigger picture.

Screenshot of setting up custom metrics

Turn Data Into Decisions

Collect and visualize the metrics you define across projects to make data-driven decisions. Learn which industries and types of security assessments are the most profitable.

Comparing project metrics in Business Intelligence
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Streamline InfoSec Project Delivery

Learn practical tips to reduce the overhead that drags down security assessment delivery with this 5-day course. These proven, innovative, and straightforward techniques will optimize all areas of your next engagement including:

  • Scoping
  • Scheduling
  • Project Planning
  • Delivery
  • Intra-team Collaboration
  • Reporting and much more...

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