Increase the number of export worker processes

By default, your instance of Dradis ships with once Resque export process that clears the queue of jobs. Use the steps in this guide to increase the number of Resque export processes and start generating reports even quicker than before.

To increase the number export worker processes:

  1. SSH into the console as root. Default credentials are available in the User Portal.
  2. Run the following commands:
    $ cp /etc/god.d/dradispro-resque-1.god /etc/god.d/dradispro-resque-2.god
    $ chmod 0777 /etc/god.d/dradispro-resque-2.god
  3. Open the /etc/god.d/dradispro-resque-2.god file and edit the following lines to replace instances of dradispro-resque-1 with dradispro-resque-2:
    • Line #2: = "dradispro-resque-2"
    • Line #3:
      w.log = '/var/log/god/dradispro-resque-2.log'
    • Line #7:
      "PIDFILE" => "/var/run/god/"
    • Line #12:
      ... sudo touch /var/run/god/ && sudo chown dradispro.staff /var/run/god/
  4. Save the file, then run:
    $ chmod 0440 /etc/god.d/dradispro-resque-2.god
  5. Load your new worker by running:
    $ god load /etc/god.d/dradispro-resque-2.god
  6. To confirm the change, run:
    $ god status

    You should see the following output:

  7. To verify that the worker is running:
    $ ps aux | grep resque | grep Waiting

    You should see a list of all the resque workers that are running.

Reminder: local changes will be overwritten the next time you upgrade. If you make any local changes, make sure to re-apply them every time you upgrade Dradis.

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