Disable unused import add-ons

Dradis gives you several options to import custom vulnerabilities into your projects. By default, your instance of Dradis will ship with the import add-ons for MediaWiki and VulnDB HQ activated. If your subscription includes it, you can also activate the IssueLibrary on your instance.

Customization 06

If you're not using one or more of the import add-ons, you can disable them so that they don't appear as import options.

To disable unused import add-ons:

  1. Edit file /opt/dradispro/dradispro/current/Gemfile

  2. Comment out Line #260 to disable the MediaWiki add-on and comment out Line #261 to disable the VulnDB HQ add-on.

    You can comment out the lines with a # character:

    Customization 07
  3. Edit around Line #143 so that it looks like this (don't use copy/paste!):

    group :production do
    gem 'unicorn', '4.9.0'
    gem 'unicorn-worker-killer', '~> 0.4.2'
    gem 'faraday'
  4. Run the following in the console as dradispro:

    $ cd /opt/dradispro/dradispro/current/
    $ RAILS_ENV=production bundle install --no-cache
    $ god restart dradispro-unicorn

Now, only the IssueLibrary (if installed) will be listed under Import issues.

Customization 08

Reminder: local changes will be overwritten the next time you upgrade. If you make any local changes, make sure to re-apply them every time you upgrade Dradis.

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