Find Issues added in the past 24 hours

The daily_summary.rb script searches through your projects to find and output all of the Issues you added to Dradis in the past 24 hours.

The meat of the script is the following loop:

recent_projects  = Project.where("projects.updated_at >= ? AND projects.updated_at <= ?", yest,
recent_projects.each do |project|
  with_scope(project) do
    issue_library = Node.issue_library
    Issue.where(node_id:"notes.updated_at >= ? AND notes.updated_at <= ?", yest, do |issue|
      puts "* Recent Issue: '#{issue.title}'"
      puts "  Added to Project: '#{}' on '#{issue.updated_at}' "
      puts " "

We cycle through each of the recent projects. For each of them, we gather all the issues that were updated in the past 24 hours with the following line:

Issue.where(node_id:"notes.updated_at >= ? AND notes.updated_at <= ?", yest, do |issue|

Then, we output each of the recently updated Issues along with the relevant Project name and the date/time stamp.

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