Give others access to Gateway

To give an external user access to Gateway, you'll need to create a new Contributor user.

  1. Sign in to Dradis as an Administrator

  2. In the header, navigate to Users and click Manage Contributors in the right-hand sidebar

  3. Click the New Contributor button in the right-hand sidebar

  4. Associate the user with a Team and enter the name, email, password, and password confirmation for the new contributor you want to create

  5. Click Create Contributor

Gateway 03

Now, you have a Contributor but they don't have access to any projects! To give them Gateway access to a specific project:

  1. Edit the project that you want to give access to

  2. Confirm that the project is associated with same team that your Contributor is associated with. (e.g. if the Project is associated with Team A, you'll only be able give access to Contributors who are also associated with Team A).

  3. Under The team, select Click here to manage project users

    Gateway 04
  4. Click to the Contributors in [Team Name] tab

  5. Toggle the switch to green next to the correct Project to provide access

    Gateway 05

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