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Send a Remediation Tracker Ticket to the JIRA plugin

Create a Ticket in the Remediation Tracker.

Jira 03

Now you can forward your Ticket to Jira:

  1. In the Remediation Tracker, select a Ticket that you want to send to JIRA.

  2. Click on the Send to JIRA button.

    Jira 04

Assign the Ticket to a JIRA project and send it to JIRA

  1. Use the dropdowns to assign the Ticket to a JIRA Project and JIRA Issue Type.

  2. The Summary and Description fields should be filled out with data from the Ticket already. Edit them if you like.

  3. Jira 05
  4. Once you have made your desired updates, click on the Send issue to JIRA button.

That's it! You've sent a Ticket from your Dradis Project to JIRA. All that's left now is to remediate it.

Jira 06