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Your Remediation Tracker will come pre-populated with the following ticket states:

  • New
  • Confirmed
  • In progress
  • Ready for re-test
  • Fixed
  • Risk accepted

The states you define will appear in the States dropdown:

Remediation 7

Add a new State

  1. Click Manage states in the Remediation Tracker's right-hand sidebar

  2. Click + Add new state and give the State a Name

  3. Click Create State to save

    Remediation 10

Existing States

Edit a State

  1. Mouseover the State name and click the yellow Edit button

  2. Rename the State, then click Update State to save your changes

Delete a State

  1. Mouseover the State name and click the red Delete button

  2. Confirm that you want to delete the State. Note: there is no undo option.

Reorder States

Drag and drop the states to put them into the correct order.

Remediation 8

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