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Send a project Issue to the JIRA plugin

Have you already done the heavy lifting in your project? You've identified the Issues and probably generated a custom report as well. Now you can forward your Issues to Jira:

  1. In your Project, open up on an Issue that you want to send to JIRA.

  2. In the top right corner of the screen, click the dots menu, then Send to... and select JIRA from the dropdown

    Jira 01

Assign the Issue to a JIRA project and send it to JIRA

  1. Use the dropdowns to assign the Issue to a JIRA Project and JIRA Issue Type.

  2. The Summary and Description fields should already be filled out with the Issue details. Edit them if you like.

  3. Jira 02
  4. Once you have made your desired updates, click on the Send issue to JIRA button.

That's it! You've sent an Issue from your Dradis Project to JIRA. Now you can get to work on remediating it.

From now on, JIRA will also sync with this issue. A JIRA tab will be created on the Issue you sent to JIRA, and the tab will stay up-to-date with its associated JIRA ticket.

Jira 07

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