Affected content control

The Affected content control adds a field to your report that displays a comma-separated list of the nodes affected by each issue. If you don't want a comma-separated list, check out the Evidence Label content control instead.

It takes the list of affected nodes you're used to seeing on each issue "Evidence tab" in Dradis:

Reports 173

and creates the same list in your report:

Reports 80

Add the Affected Control To the Issue Control

The Affected content control must be applied within an Issue content control otherwise there is no context for it.

Insert the Affected content control inside the issue content control on your report template:

  1. Within the Issues content control, add a new Rich Text Content Control.
  2. Assign the Affected tag to the title field. (Remember that Word automatically populates the tag if you do not provide one)
    Reports 81
  3. Add in other formatting or styling (like headings) to your template. Your template should now look similar to this one with the Affected control nested within the Issue control.
    Reports 79

Now, after you upload your report template to Dradis, you can export your report and see the list of affected nodes for each issue.

Because the Affected title is already given meaning within Dradis, you do not have to adjust anything within Dradis in order to include the Affected content control in your report.