Word error: ambiguous cell mapping

When you export your report, sometimes the problems don't arise until you open the Word document. If you are greeted with the following error message details, use this guide to debug and resolve the error:

Ambiguous cell mapping encountered. Possible missing paragraph
element. <p> elements are required before every </tc>
Debug template 09

If you see the ambiguous cell mapping error, validate your project.

The ambiguous cell mapping error shown above is almost always caused by empty fields from your Dradis project exported into a table in your report.

For example, if you have a table in your report template with content controls inside but no corresponding data in the field your Dradis project, you'll likely end up with an ambiguous cell mapping error.

When you save an Issue, a ContentBlock, or a piece of Evidence, you will get a warning if you have an empty field required by your template. Validate your Project will check your entire project at once for empty fields.

Edit the Issue, ContentBlock, or Evidence within Dradis to add a value to the field. Once you resolve all of the errors in the validator, export the report again.

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