Export your project to CSV

This guide covers how to export the contents of a Dradis project into comma-separated values.

The CSV exporter is different from the other exporters. Instead of using a customized template, it acts more as a data-dump.

When you export a CSV, all of the Issue fields in your project will be extracted into a single CSV file. For example, if the Issues in your project all contain Rating, Title, Description and Recommendation fields, all of them will export into separate columns in the CSV file.

How to export to CSV

  1. Open any project and click Export results in the header menu
  2. Navigate to the csv: Export results in comma-separated values tab
  3. Click Export
Reporting 01

Your project CSV will automatically download to your local system.

Note: if you need assistance customizing the CSV exporter to fit your needs, please contact the support team for more details.

Command line export

If you run into any problems exporting your project through the Export Manager, try exporting through the command line instead.

Before you begin, locate the ID of the project you want to export.

You can get your project ID from the browser location bar once you open the project in the main Dradis interface. For example, if the browser shows, your project ID is 50.

To export to CSV from the command line:

  1. SSH into the box as dradispro and run the following commands:

    $ cd /opt/dradispro/dradispro/current
    $ PROJECT_ID=## RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec thor dradis:plugins:csv:export

    Make sure to substitute your project ID for ## above!

  2. Download your report from the output location displayed after the export finishes.

    Reporting 02

    In this case, the CSV report can be found at /opt/dradispro/dradispro/current/dradis-report_1466051405.csv

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