Common problems

There are two main scenarios that indicate that there is a problem during the report generation process:

  1. You click on Export results, select Advanced word export > Via DOCX, your template and Export and you get an error message.

  2. The export runs fine but the file doesn't contain the information you expect.

In the first scenario the source of the problem can be either the template itself or something wrong with one of the entries in Dradis (e.g. if you use some formatting code in your finding that isn't understood by the report generation process).

In the second case, the problem is most likely on the content side of things. For example, your template is sorting issues by CVSSv2 number, but your findings in Dradis don't contain a CVSSv2 field.

In any case, the first step towards debugging a report/template issues is to go to use the command line to generate the template. This removes all the web application stack from the way and lets us focus on the underlying report-generation process.

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