Replace finding body

When this action is triggered, the upload manager will replace the body of the finding with the designated entry from your IssueLibrary. The assets affected by the issue will remain unchanged but finding itself will be overwritten by the IssueLibrary entry.

Rules 09

In the example above, the finding will be replaced with the IssueLibrary entry that has an ID of 6.

Is this close to what you're looking for, but not quite? Find match in library is a similar action but with broader applications.

Example: Replace finding body with IssueLibrary entry.

This rule will automatically replace the body of the finding with the entry in your IssueLibrary. In this example, if the Nexpose vulnerability title contains the words Apache Server, the body of the finding will be replaced with the correct IssueLibrary entry (in this case, ID=1).

Rules 14
Rules 15

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