Integrating Plugin Output with your Dradis Pro Template

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Think of the Plugin Manager as the magic decoder ring for all the different tools. None of them speak the same language! One calls a field Description, another calls it Details, a third calls it Discussion. And, by default, exactly none of them will match your custom report template.

Before you upload tool output into your project, make sure that your Plugin Manager is configured to match your Issue and Evidence templates.

Start with your Issue/Evidence templates

Make sure that you have decided on the format for your Issues and Evidence and that you've created Templates for both.

Remember, if the format is inconsistent across your Issues, Evidence, etc, you will run into problems when exporting your report. If the format is inconsistent, the Validator can help.

Pick the Plugin and the correct template

Make sure you're signed in as an Administrator. Then, navigate to the Plugin Manager in the header of your instance.

Plugin 01

Select the correct plugin from the left-hand sidebar. We'll use Dradis::Plugins::Qualys in this example.

Plugin 07

Pay special attention to which template you are currently editing (highlighted with the red arrow above). Make sure to map the correct available plugin fields to the fields in your Issue or Evidence template.

Switch to another template using the green Change Template button as needed.

Customize the content in the Editor

  1. Grab the relevant Issue or Evidence template that corresponds to the Template you're editing.

    In this example, let's use the following sample Issue template:





  2. Delete the existing content in the Editor pane and paste the contents of your Issue or Evidence template into the Editor.

  3. Click the Available fields link above the Editor pane to see what content is available in the tool output.

    Copy the available field (e.g. element.cvss_base) from the list of Available fields, then paste it into the Editor. Make sure that you wrap your field with % and check the Preview pane to confirm that the field is previewing as expected.

    Plugin 09
  4. Repeat this process for each field in the Editor. Make sure to click Save Template before moving on!

    Plugin 10

Tips and Tricks

In some situations, you'll want to format the data a little more in the Plugin Manager.

You can automatically apply code blocks, add static text or even create tables.

Plugin 16

To manipulate and actually change the imported data, check out the options in the Rules Engine.

Use Code Blocks automatically

If you have output that is going to contiain code, you'll want to wrap it in a code block. Without the code block, your Word report may try to include code (especially XML) into the internal XML structure of the Word document and cause chaos.

To prevent this chaos, just include the bc.. marker before the field name in the Editor. Make sure to use the double-dot version of the code block marker to accomodate multiple lines of code in the field.

For example:

bc.. %issue.request%

Include Static Text

If you want, you can also include static text in the Editor. This will be imported as static text and is helpful when you're including context for specific values.

For example, instead of just including the severity value under #[Details]# without context, we can add static text like:

Severity: %issue.severity%

Create Tables

You can create Custom Tables within your Dradis project or here in the Plugin Manager using the Textile syntax.

To display the data in a table, we just need to use the Textile format like:


For example, we can create a table that contains the Host/Path/Location details for our instance of Evidence:

|_.Host |_.Path|_.Location|

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