Advanced Reporting Options

This guide covers advanced configuration options and alternatives to basic Word reports. If you haven't already, please review the Custom Word Reports guide before continuing.

Title Description Exporter
From a sample report to a Dradis template In this 3 part video guide we cover everything you need to do to convert a sample Word report into a Dradis template. Advanced Word
From Nessus to Word: a hands-on example In this guide we’re going to cover the process of creating a custom Dradis template to display data imported from Nessus. The same concepts apply to any of the other plugins. Advanced Word
Advanced reporting: filters, groups and properties This guide covers a single report template with pretty much all the features supported by the reporting engine Advanced Word
Reporting by host, reporting by issue This guides covers how to create reports where you not only provide a list of findings but also a list of which findings affect what hosts and the evidence associated with each instance. Advanced Word
Creating Word reports with XSL transformations This guide covers how you can use XSL transformations to generate advanced Word reports. Advanced Word
Creating HTML reports In this guide we’re going to cover some of the possibilities that are available to you with our HTML reporting engine. HTML
Export your project to CSV This guide covers how to export the contents of a Dradis project into comma-separated values. CSV

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