Rewriting issue descriptions is a waste of time.

Reusable Vulnerability Descriptions

It's impossible to create consistent, high-quality descriptions when you write them each time that same finding appears in a new project. Create and manage well written, actionable writeups for your most common findings. Then, reuse these consistent, up-to-date, and useful issue descriptions across projects and teams.

IssueLibrary dashboard view

High-quality Sets You Apart

Everyone uses the same scanning tools that include the same descriptions. Automatically replace the default vendor description with your high-quality version. The Rules Engine does the work to swap the stock issue details with yours. Quickly deduplicate the same finding from different scanners by mapping it to a single IssueLibrary entry.

Screenshot of the Issue Library Rules Engine Rule

Consistency Across The Team

Working with a team and multiple projects make consistency a challenge. Ensure consistent, high-quality, and up-to-date vulnerability descriptions across projects with a collection of reusable descriptions. All team members work from the same well-managed, centralised collection inside Dradis without copy and paste.

Screenshot of adding an Issue Library entry

Avoid Dangerous Errors

Stop copy & pasting issue descriptions from old reports. Copying findings from old reports is error-prone, risky, and only marginally faster than manually writing a new one. Which version has the most current information? You have to confirm you haven't included confidential information from a previous client. Finding the right file, reviewing it, and double checking it all cost time.

Screenshot of adding an Issue Library entry draft

Build an Asset

Create IssueLibrary entries from project findings or directly enter them into the Issue Library. Build an asset that grows over time when you map the most common findings saving your team dozens of reporting hours every month. You can kick-start your library with 60+ entries for the most common vulnerabilities - right out of the box.

Screenshot of adding an Issue Library entry

Already have an Issue Library?

No problem - if you already have a library of issues that you want to get imported into Dradis Pro, we can help. Our team of data crunching experts will convert any format you can think of (e.g. collection of Word documents, Access databases, SQL, Wiki, etc.) in no time and no additional cost!

Screenshot of adding an Issue Library entry
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