Saint with Dradis

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing

  • Upload SAINT XML to create nodes, issues, evidence, and notes in a Dradis project
  • Combine SAINT results with results from other testing tools and automatically discard, group, and update issues
  • Centralized security engagement info and findings make it simple to collaborate across teams to keep everyone up-to-date
  • Generate high-quality, customized vulnerability or pentest reports that include SAINT findings without hours of manual work

SAINT Security Suite vulnerability management products and services, including vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Using the Saint integration for Dradis, easily import all of the vulnerabilities found in an assessment. With the vulnerabilities available in Dradis, collaborate to verify the results, update descriptions and recommendations, and generate a refined, completely customized security report with a few clicks.

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Dradis Pro is a game changer. We use it regularly to track our assessments and gather artifacts for the reports. Before, we had spreadsheets, lots of emails and lots of wasted time. Now, we seamlessly integrate team members, often working remotely, and have gained in efficiency and profitability.”
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- Allen Harper

Executive Vice President at Tangible Security

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