Nexpose with Dradis

Vulnerability management solution

  • Upload NeXpose XML to create nodes, issues, evidence, and notes in a security assessment project in Dradis
  • Combine NeXpose results with results from other testing tools and automatically discard, group, and update issues
  • Centralized security engagement info and findings make it simple to collaborate across teams to keep everyone up-to-date
  • Generate high-quality, customized vulnerability or pen test reports that include NeXpose findings without hours of manual work

Nexpose is a vulnerability scanner designed to support the vulnerability management lifecycle, including identification, discovery, and verification. Using the Dradis Nexpose integration, import findings from full or simple scans into a Dradis project. Combine these issues with those from other security scanning tools to create beautiful, customized comprehensive security reports with all of the details needed for remediation.

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Leveraging Dradis Pro allows us to spend less time worrying about standard templates & verbiage and more time analyzing or delivering findings.
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