Release highlights

See some of the new features and updates we've included in the latest releases.

Dradis Professional v2.8.0 Release Highlights (1:07)

Dradis version 2.8.0 includes Excel reporting with macros and ContentBlocks to manage all your long-form report content.

Dradis Professional v2.7.0 Release Highlights (1:07)

Dradis version 2.7.0 includes Excel reporting and a new Report Content page for managing document properties.

Dradis Professional v2.6.0 Release Highlights (0:51)

Dradis version 2.6.0 includes a restyled Methodologies feature and a new Combine Issues feature.

Dradis Professional v2.5.0 Release Highlights (1:12)

Dradis version 2.5.0 includes a trash feature to recover deleted content and automatically generates your Issue template from report template properties.

Dradis Professional v2.4.0 Release Highlights (1:46)

Dradis version 2.4.0 includes project-wide search, add evidence to multiple nodes and issue/template validation.

Dradis Professional v2.3.0 Release Highlights (1:11)

Dradis version 2.3.0 includes updates to the All Issues page to change the display and filter the Issues in your project.

Dradis Professional v2.0.0 Release Highlights (1:32)

Dradis version 2.0.0 introduced new features including the activity feed, versioned content, and the pre-export validator.

Video tips & tricks

Learn by watching with these short video tutorials.

Word reporting tips

Your first report (2:13)

This video shows how to create your very first report using the default project and default template that ship with Dradis Pro.

Reporting 101 (4:06)

This video shows how to create a report template from scratch: starting with a normal Word document, we add the placeholders for our fields, upload the result and export a report in a few minutes.

Advanced reporting (6:07)

This video shows how to combine all the reporting features into a fairly complex template.

Using Word macros (1:58)

This video shows a couple of Word macros that will make your life easier

From Nessus to Word (5:54)

This video outlines the steps to go from a Nessus file to an exported word report including basic report structure, the Plugin Manager, and integrating your Issue and Evidence templates.

From Qualys to Word (3:13)

This video outlines the steps to go from a Qualys file to an exported Word report. Start with your Issue template and work through the steps to create a custom template.

Add a Screenshot to your Project (1:43)

Include screenshots in your reports by uploading them as an attachment to a Node, then add them to your project.

Working with projects

New project tour (2:03)

This video walks you through the structure of your Dradis projects and shows you how to perform key operations.

Create a new project (1:13)

This video walks you through the steps to create a new project, assign it to a client, use a project template, and assign team members to the project.

A sample project structure (3:11)

This video shows how to structure your project data in a consistent way.

Note templates (1:41)

This video shows how to use Note Templates to speed up your day-to-day work.

Add Methodology to Project (2:34)

This video shows how to use Methodologies in your project plus where you can find them for download.

Other bits and pieces

IssueLibrary Basics (1:40)

This video shows you how to create an new entry in your IssueLibrary and then add that entry to a project.

Customizing tag names and colors (1:25)

This video shows how you can customize the default names and colors for your tags.

Smart refresh (1:40)

This video shows how the changes made by one user of Dradis are pushed to any other users working on the same project.

OVA to OVF (3:02)

If when importing the 1.9 OVA you get an error complaining about not finding the OVF file at the beginning of the archive, try this: rename .ova to .tar, extract and import the .ovf.