New in Dradis Pro v1.12

Today we’re happy to announce a new release of Dradis Professional Edition: Dradis Pro v1.12. Dradis is a collaboration and automated reporting tool for information security teams.

The highlights:

  • New Accunetix and NTOSpider connectors
  • Updated Burp and OpenVAS connectors
  • Business Intelligence add-on (see below)
  • Rules Engine add-on (see below)
  • Reporting engine enhancements:
    • Pre-export validator
    • Native support for .docx and .docm
    • IssueCounter control
    • Concurrency enhancements
  • Bugs fixed and feature requests: #128, #131, #141, #145, #152, #184, #189, #197, #201, #205, #207, #212, #216, #232, #238, #239, #254

Rules Engine add-on

Define rules that kick in when you upload the output of a scanner. Akin to your email client processing rules, the Rules Engine allows you, among other actions, to:

  • Tag findings based on their fields (e.g. tag as Critical if CVSSv2 is > 9)
  • Merge several findings into a single one (e.g. group all those pesky “missing patches” entries under a single finding)
  • Replace the default description with your own. That’s right, every time Burp finds XSS, you will get a finding with your team’s custom Description / Recommendation for this vulnerability class.
A screenshot showing the list of configured rules in this Dradis Pro instance.

Define the rules that will kick in when you upload the output of a scanner.

A screenshot showing a rule definition where two findings (one from Nessus and one from Qualys) will be replaced with the team's own description of the problem.

Sample rule: de-duplicate findings.

A screenshot showing a rule definition where any finding coming from a scanner is replaced with the team's own description in the IssueLibrary

Sample rule: use your own descriptions.

Business Intelligence add-on

Most likely you’re running 100s of projects each year. The Business Intelligence add-on helps you make sense of the wealth of information that is at your fingertips but that most likely you haven’t been tracking. These are some of the questions you will be able to start answering:

  • What do you know about the types of projects you’re running (what percentage is webapps vs infrastructure)?
  • What types of clients are you serving? In what industry?
  • How are the most profitable client types?
  • What percentage of your projects is under-scoped or over-scoped?
A screenshot showing the Business Intelligence view with: a list of custom properties for Clients, for Projects and a search facility.

The Business Intelligence dashboard. Define custom properties for Clients and Projects to track business metrics.

New admin layout

Yes, we finally have a layout like it’s 2015 (well maybe 2013), but a great improvement over our bare-bones previous one. Here are just a couple of quick examples:

A screenshot showing the project selection view inside Dradis Pro.

Project section view.

A screenshot showing the list of users registered in a Dradis Pro instance.

All users registered in the Dradis Pro instance.

How to upgrade to Dradis Pro v1.12?

Just head over to the release page and follow the instructions:

Still not a Dradis user?

These are some of the benefits you’re missing out:

Read more about Dradis Pro’s time-saving features. Or if you want to start from the beginning, read the the 1-page summary.

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