Upcoming in Dradis Pro v1.8: fine-grained project permissions

The next release of Dradis Pro will introduce a long standing feature request: fine-grained project permissions.

From now on, it will be possible to restrict who has access to what projects. We’ll evolve the interface over time but the basics are already here:

A screenshot showing the interface to assign project permissions

Users will only be presented with those projects they have access to in the **Project selection** view:

The Project selection window filters only those projects to which the user has access to

Of course administrators can access any project any time and reassign the permissions:

A screenshot showing the full list of projects for an administrative user

The implementation is almost there, just running the finishing touches. We are hoping to release in the next few days.

Our users have been pushing for project permissions for a while now. Among the use cases where having fine-grained project permissions is going to be a big win are:

  • Restrict access to project that require a specific level of clearance (e.g. government projects, department of defense, etc.).
  • Accommodate requirements by certain clients that only a specific set of pre-approved individuals is allowed to take part and manage their projects.
  • Limit the visibility of the breadth of clients and projects of external contractors or freelancers brought to the organization.
  • Limit the visibility of new joiners that are still in their probation period.

That is on the most pure permission == restriction front. However, having fine-grained project permissions is also going to allow us to do a number of interesting things:

  • Create dashboards in which a users can quickly review all the projects they have been involved in lately.
  • Create dashboards in which Technical Directors can quickly see a breakdown of projects for each team member.
  • Quickly identified who has been working with who, and how long ago (useful for 360-degree feedback and evaluation).

All in all, this is a big step forward in the right direction and while we would normally wait to have a handful of new features before producing a new release we think this is important (and useful) enough to warrant its own version of the tool.

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