Follow the OSSTMM v3 methodology with Dradis

You can now follow the OSSTMM v3 (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) in your projects. Today we’ve added a new bundle to our Extras section. Extras is where we post report templates, methodologies and checklists for our community to grab and use.

Not familiar with the OSSTMM yet? From their website:

The OSSTMM is about operational security. It is about knowing and measuring how well security works. This methodology will tell you if what you have does what you want it to do and not just what you were told it does.

What you get from utilizing OSSTMM is a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of things. The people, processes, systems, and software all have some type of relationship.

Included in the OSSTMM bundle

The bundle contains methodologies for all the areas covered by OSSTM:

  • Defining a security test
  • Data networks security testing
  • Human security testing
  • Physical security testing
  • Telecommunications security testing
  • Wireless security testing

Included in the bundle is also a project template with the basic project structure you can use to follow the OSSTMM guidance.

Get the OSSTMM v3 methodology bundle and follow the OSSTMM v3 from today.

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