Dradis 2.3 Released!

A new release full of DEFCON goodness:

  • server:
    • upload plugins. A new
      server plugin category: import into
      Dradis the contents of any file (nmap, nessus, etc.).
    • refactor the WordExport plugin:
      • create templates using Word only
      • convert any document into a Dradis template in < 10 minutes
      • read more about it the WordExport templates tutorial.
    • project management plugin update:
      • create project templates for future re-use (read methodologies)
      • export project in .zip format (DB + attachments)
      • import projects/templates
      • checkout / commit project revisions from and to the Meta-Server (stay tuned, soon to be released)
    • email connector: you can pipe emails into the
      framework and get your messages (and attachments) added into the
    • enhanced nodes tree: filtering and quick actions buttons
  • client:
    • new import extensions: Nessus and Qualys

download now

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