Upgrade Dradis Pro

When you're ready to upgrade your instance, all you're going to need to do is apply a new DUP file.

  1. Back up your data
    Note: the database will not be impacted by the upgrade. We recommend taking a backup as a best practice.
  2. Sign in to the Dradis User Portal
  3. Navigate to the latest release or click the Download button in the center column of the portal landing page.
  4. Back on your Dradis Pro instance, navigate to /setup/upgrade in your browser.
  5. When prompted for credentials, enter in the Admin console - HTTP Basic Auth credentials from the Dradis user portal.
    Deployment 09
  6. Use the CIC console to upload the DUP file.
    Deployment 05
    The upload may take several minutes but you will get onscreen progress updates.
  7. After the upload completes, navigate back to /pro in your browser and check the footer to confirm that the update was successful.

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