Deploying Dradis in Azure

We now have an image that you can use to deploy Dradis directly in Azure. No manual converting of the OVA needed! The image is simply an Azure version of our VM image - nothing else has changed about Dradis in this image.

Our Azure image is still in its alpha stage. Due to issues around how image creation for Azure works, we have faced difficulties creating images of Dradis for Azure, and we are still discussing internally whether we will continue working on moving the Azure alpha image towards an eventual beta. Several teams have been able to deploy Dradis on Azure, but Azure is not one of our officially supported deployment platforms. If you run into problems with deploying or upgrading Dradis on Azure, we may not be able to help you. The officially supported platforms for running Dradis Professional are VirtualBox and VMware as described in the FAQ.

Interested in deploying Dradis in Azure? Please reach out to our support team and we'll get you set up.

Before we can share the image with you, we need the tenant id and the name of the resource group you intend to deploy the image into.

We'll go back and forth a couple of times to share the image with you using the normal Azure procedures. You will create an app registration for Dradis in your account, then we will start a Dradis VM on your account which you can use or save as an image, and then you can remove our access.

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