Methodology and Task content controls

This guide contains:

The examples in this guide are based on the following example Methodology:

The Methodology control

The simplest Methodology content control is the Name control. Nested inside of a Methodology content control.

This would export into your report like:

The Task control

The Task control exports just that - the Tasks from your Methodology. We'll start with simple with another nested Name control:

This would export into your report like:

Filter your Task control

You can Filter your Task control to export only the Tasks from certain lists.

Begin by building out the section of your report template that needs to be filtered:

Then, Filter your Task content control. Filter by List|Completed to export just the Task Names from the Completed list in your Project's Methodology.

This would export into your report like:

Task Description fields

You can also export specific fields from your Task's description. First, define the fields in your Task Description fields using the usual #[Field]# syntax:

Then, add the nested Field content control inside the Task control. Make sure the field name within the Task description matches the name of the content control. To export the #[Results]# field of our Task, add a Results content control as shown below:

This would export into your report like:

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