Help! My Instance is Down!

Running into an error screen or unable to access the web app? Run through the following checks first.

1. God Process

The first thing we're going to check is whether the god process monitoring service is running.

Run the following command in the console:

$ god status

This command should return:

cic-unicorn: up
dradispro-unicorn: up
nginx: up
cic-resque-1: up
dradispro-resque-1: up

If the command fails, try restarting with:

$ sudo /etc/init.d/god restart
$ god status

Command still not returning correctly? Check out the relevant log files by running:

$ vi /var/log/god.log

2. Ruby Applications

God process are working? Let's check whether the Ruby applications are running.

Unicorn is the application server so we're going check how many "unicorn master" processes are running with the following commands in the console:

$ ps aux | grep "unicorn master"

The process starting with 'root' corresponds with the CIC (the Combat Information Center, also known as the Dradis Administrator Console) and the process starting with '1000' corresponds to Dradis. The expected output looks like:

1000  19427  0.0  2.2 217780 92556 ? Sl Oct02 0:17 unicorn master
--env production --config-file config/unicorn.rb --daemonize
root 22017 0.0 0.7 105016 29876 ? Sl Jul21 0:02 unicorn master
--env production --config-file config/unicorn.rb --daemonize

Troubleshooting the CIC:

Did the "unicorn master" check uncover an issue with the CIC process? Time to dig into the relevant log files!

  • /var/log/god/cic-unicorn.log
  • /opt/dradispro/cic/shared/log/unicorn.err.log
  • /opt/dradispro/cic/shared/log/unicorn.out.log

To access from the command line, just run this command with any of the filepaths above:


Troubleshooting Dradis:

Did the "unicorn master" check uncover an issue with the Dradis process? Time to dive into the log files!

  • /var/log/god/dradispro-unicorn.log
  • /opt/dradispro/dradispro/shared/log/unicorn.err.log
  • /opt/dradispro/dradispro/shared/log/unicorn.out.log
  • /opt/dradispro/dradispro/shared/log/production.log

To access the log files from the command line, just run the following command with any of the complete filepaths above:


3. Connectivity

No smoking guns with the processes or in the log files? Let's check your connectivity to make sure the VM can reach our activation server.

Ping it

Our activation server is at To test the connectivity, run the following from the console as dradispro:


If the command succeeds (transmits and receives packets), you've got connectivity! Continue on to the next step.

If the command fails, it looks like we need to establish connectivity first.

Check the DNS configuration in `/etc/resolv.conf` and udpate the DNS servers. You can try adding this content:


Run the ping command again to confirm that you've established a connection with the activation server.

cURL it

Run the following command from the console as dradispro:

$ curl -i

This command should return the remove page.

If it doesn't, it may be that DNS is working but traffic is being stopped (by a firewall?). If you know who to contact internally to get this solved, please let them know that you need access to tcp/443 on

4. Contact Us

Still running into issues after walking through the 3 steps above? Please reach out to our Support team and we'll give you a hand.