The Report Content page

This guide contains:

Document Properties pane

Setting up the Document Properties pane:

To start working with document properties:

  1. Upload your report template if it isn't already uploaded.

  2. Click the yellow Edit button below the report template, then navigate to the Document properties tab.

  3. Define the document properties that your report template is expecting.

  4. Navigate to Projects in the header, then locate the project you're working with. Click the yellow Edit button, and make sure that the project is associated with the report template in Step #1.

Working with the Document Properties pane

The Document Properties pane on the Report Content page in your Project will display the Document properties that you've defined in your Report template properties. If they do not appear, walk through the steps outlined above.

Not sure what document properties your report template is looking for? Learn more in the Adding document properties page of the Custom Word reports guide.

In the example below, we've defined 3 document properties in our report template properties:

  • dradis.client
  • dradis.title
  • dradis.version

Inside the Dradis project that is associated with the report template pictured above, our Report content page looks like this:

To define the Document properties so that they populate the placeholders in the report template, we just need to fill in the fields with the correct values:

Migrating an old-style Project

Previously, the document properties were stored in a Note set to a specific category. If you import one of these old-style Projects into Dradis, it will be automatically migrated for you so that you can use the new Report content page and the Document properties pane.

When you import your old-style Project, you'll see an alert like this on the Report content page and on the Project Summary page:

Just click the Migrate report content data button!

The properties and their values from your imported project will appear on the Report content page once the migration has finished. If they do not appear, walk through the steps outlined above.

If you have a property in your imported project that isn't defined in the Document Properties of your Report template properties, it will appear highlighted in yellow as shown below.

Because that property isn't found in our report template (or isn't defined in the report template properties), it won't export into the report template.

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