Importing and exporting projects

Export your project

Export your Dradis project for collaboration, for consistency, or for testing purposes. When you export, you can choose whether you want to export the whole project or a project template.

Full project exports are just that, the entire project complete with screenshots and attachments. Choose the full project export when you want to recreate this exact project or continue working on the project elsewhere.

Project templates are designed for consistency. These project scaffolds are ready to be uploaded to new projects or to be added to the list of available Project templates you can select when creating a new project.

  1. Open the project you want to export

  2. Click Export results in the header and navigate to the Save and restore project information tab.

  3. Select Package if you want to export the full project (.zip file). Select Template to export the project as a Project template (.xml file).

  4. Click Export to download (full project file) or dradis-template.xml (project template file) to your local system

Import your project into Dradis

After you've exported your project using one of the methods above, you can turn around and import it back into Dradis.

  1. Create a new (blank) project and open it.

  2. Navigate to Upload output from tool in the header of your project.

  3. Make your selection underneath Choose a tool.

    If you're working with a full project export (, select Dradis::Plugins::Projects::Upload::Package from the dropdown.

    If you're working with a project template file (dradis-template.xml), select Dradis::Plugins::Projects::Upload::Template from the dropdown.

  4. Under Choose a file, upload the or dradis-template.xml file from your local system.

  5. Watch the onscreen log under Output until you see the message: Worker process completed

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