Validate your project

Validate Project checks to make sure that your project matches your Word report template.

Why should I validate my project?

The most common source of errors is a report-template mismatch. If there is a difference between the fields and properties your report template is looking for and the ones defined in your project, you'll likely end up with a corrupted file or missing content when you export the report.

When should I validate my project?

Make sure to validate your project any time you run into Word error when exporting a project.

Many times, errors like the one shown above are caused by a missing Issue field or document property. Validating your project eliminates these simple errors. If you're still having problems with your report template after validating the project, please reach out to our Support team.

How to Validate your Project

  1. Set up your report template properties: define your Issue fields and define your document properties.
  2. Open the project you want to validate and select Export results.
  3. In the Advanced Word Export tab, select the report template you defined fields and properties for above.
  4. Select Validate Project. If any validators show up in red font rather than green, an error has been identified. Make sure to check the on-screen logs for details and review the details below for examples.

Validator Cheatsheet

Validator Function
Document properties Check that all the document properties defined in your report template are present in your project.
Issue fields Check that every Issue in your project defines all of the fields that your report template is looking for.
Node labels Check that there are no white spaces in the labels of your project nodes.