Validate Issue fields

This validator checks whether your project has all of the Issue fields your report template is looking for.

Before we can validate these fields, we need to define them! In the interest of keeping information organized, I'm going to have to ask you to open the Report template properties: issue fields page of the Administration manual that explains how to define Issue fields.

We want to ensure that the latest and most up-to-date information about each topic is in a single page.

After you've defined your Issue fields within the report template properties, validate your project. Check the on-screen Validator log to see what fields are missing and causing the error.

Example Issue Field Error

In this example, one Description field was misspelled as "Descirption" and the log reads:

[ERROR] Issue #703 is missing the field 'Description', which is required by your report template. Please add the field to the issue.

In another example, our Rating field defines values of High | Medium | Low but our project contains a Rating value of Critical. The log shows:

[ERROR] Value 'Critical' is invalid for field 'Rating' in Issue 715. Allowed values are High, Medium, Low"

To fix, all we have to do is edit the field of the specific Issue identified by the validator.

Head back to the project and navigate to /pro/issues/### in your browswer, substituting in the Issue ID referenced in the Error message for ###. In the example above, you would navigate to /pro/issues/715 and edit the Rating field to make sure it had a value of either High, Medium, or Low.

No Issue Fields defined

If you haven't defined any Issue fields in your report template properties, you'll get a warning when you validate your project.

[WARN] The selected template doesn't define any Issue fields. Dradis doesn't know what Issue fields your report template is looking for.
[WARN] Go to Admin > Templates > Reports and define some Issue fields for this report template.
[WARN] More details:

If you see the above output, head over to the link in the message to add your Issue fields so that Dradis knows what fields and field values to validate.

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