Validate document properties

The document properties validator checks for any missing or incorrect properties in your project.

Before we can validate these fields, we need to define them! In the interest of keeping information organized, I'm going to have to ask you to open the Report template properties: document properties page of the Administration manual that explains how to define Issue fields.

We want to ensure that the latest and most up-to-date information about each topic is in a single page.

After you've defined these document properties within your report template properties, run the project validation as normal. Make sure to check the Validator log below to see what properties are missing and might break your Word document on export.

Example Document Property Error

In this example, the report template has defined a start date (dradis.startdate) and an end date (dradis.enddate) property that are both missing from the project. The log shows:

[ERROR] Some of the document properties defined in the report template are missing from the fields of the 'Project Properties' note: dradis.enddate, dradis.startdate

To resolve this error, all we need to do is edit the Project Properties note and add in these missing fields.

For more on project properties, please check out the Adding document properties page of the Custom Word Reports guide.

No Document Properties Defined

If you haven't defined any document properties in your report template properties, you'll get a warning when you validate your project.

[WARN] The selected template doesn't define any document properties. Dradis doesn't know what document properties your report template is looking for.
[WARN] Go to Admin > Templates > Reports and define some document properties for this report template.
[WARN] More details:

If you see the above output, head over to the link in the message to add your document properties so that Dradis knows what properties to look for.

No Project Properties Note

If you have defined document properties in your report template properties but your project doesn't contain a Note with the category set to AdvancedWordExport properties, Dradis will display the following error message:

[ERROR] There is no note associated with AdvancedWordExport properties.

To resolve this, make sure to add a Note and the required property values to your project!

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