Professional Services

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All our expertise at your service. How can we help?

There are plenty of resources for do-it-yourself types: our support section, the community site, the forums, the mailing list...

However, you may not have the time to learn the inner workings of the framework right now. We can help:

  • By creating a custom report template adapted to your current branding.
  • Integrate Dradis with your existing tools and systems.
  • We are in a unique position to help with any enterprise use-case scenarios.

Report customization

Create complex reports in a fraction of the time you are investing today.

Present your results in the same format your clients are used to.

We can help you to adapt Dradis reporting to your organization's needs:

  • Custom Word templates
  • Advanced HTML reports
  • Custom reporting requirements

Integration work

Connect Dradis with any of your existing systems.

Present your results in the same format your clients are used to.

  • Consume information provided by your internal tools and proprietary systems
  • Send information to your existing dashboards and frontends
  • Create functionality to better integrate Dradis with your workflow

Do you want to see some awesome feature implemented in Dradis and you want it sooner rather than later?

That's what sponsored developments are for. If your interests are aligned with the community's roadmap, we will roll up our sleeves and work together to get on with it.

For a smaller investment you get the feature you want and you give back to the community so everyone benefits.


Contact us and tell us what you need we'll be happy to help.