Painless one-click reporting.

The same reports your clients know and love in a fraction of the time.

Concierge reporting service

Send us a sample, we'll do the rest

This is a done-for-you service: we take the burden of converting your existing templates so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our team has processed over 200+ templates in a dozen languages. We're confident we can help you too.

This is how it will work:

  1. You send us a report sample.
  2. Our in-house team of Word experts converts it into a Dradis template.
  3. You can focus 100% on your craft from day one, no distractions.
  4. Throughout your subscription we will make unlimited tweaks to your template (e.g. branding changes, new reporting engine features, etc.)

In our rather complex report, we do things differently, adding a challenge. But the challenge was accepted and it works out great.

Today, 90% of our reporting process has been automated.

To maintain our high quality reports, we needed a solution that not only would fit the business process of audits, but also maintain the look & feel.

The Dradis team provided great support and definitely understood how complex security audits need to be presented in professional looking reports and were eager to provide us with the changes we needed.

This allows us to be flexible and cost efficient, for either quick scans or complex high-level audits.

Henk-Jan Angerman
Information Security Consultant, Secwatch

Do-it-yourself reporting

An extremely powerful reporting engine

Create your own powerful custom Word reports.

These are some of the resources available to you:

I'm surprised how easy it was to adapt our own report template if I'm honest!

Mike McLaughlin
Cyber Security Operations Manager, First Base Technologies

Watch it!

Create advanced custom templates:

  • Complex layouts
  • Order your notes by severity
  • In-line screenshots
  • Pick and choose what fields to show in each section

Learn more about reporting in our Support section

Create templates using just Word

No need to learn any new technologies, we use Word's built-in features.

Simple, powerful templates can be created in a few minutes.

Notes with style

Apply the rich styles you need to make your notes more readable.

And get the same styles when exporting to Word.

This includes screenshots and custom table styles.

Custom Excel reports

Extended to Excel

Word isn't the only custom reporting option that we offer. Create custom Excel report templates and:

  • Manipulate the data from your Dradis Project
  • Use functions to perform calculations, conversions, or other customizations.
  • Embed charts and graphs that automatically populate on export.
  • Generate custom Excel reports with the click of a button.

Learn more about Excel reporting in our Support section

Dradis Pro was a game changer, I love the game that is pentesting but I had massive issues with report writing to the point of it not being fun any more! ‐ but now with Dradis Pro in my toolkit, death by reporting is so much less painful.

John Carroll
Operations & Technology, Investec

It's saving us approximately 1-2 hours per RFP. By having all documented in one place we're also saving another 2 hours per week on remediation tracking... no more having to dig through emails looking for 'did you fix that?'

Russell Butturini
Security Architect, global healthcare company.