Everyone on the same page.

Share a common view of the assessment. Work together towards a common goal.


Create accounts for everyone in your team.

Each person can work on a different project or as part of a team.

Changes made by any member of the team are pushed to all the others.

Before Dradis Pro, we had spreadsheets, lots of emails and lots of wasted time. Now, we seamlessly integrate team members, often working remotely, and have gained in efficiency and profitability.

Allen Harper
Lead Author of Grey Hat Hacking and
President of N2NetSecurity Inc.

Smart refresh

All changes are automatically pushed to everyone working on the project.

Activity Feed

We keep track of the changes made to your projects.

See who on your team did what and when they did it.

Revision history

Compare different versions of the Issues in your project.

Use the line-by-line breakdown to quickly see what was changed.

Optimistic Locking

Dradis warns you when someone else modified the content you were working on.

Know that you're always working with the latest version of the project.