Comprehensive REST API.

Manipulate and interact with your Dradis instance from any tool in any language.

  • Import Client and Project data from external tools.
  • Publish your findings in portals or other internal systems.
  • Connect Dradis with your existing Business Intelligence tools.

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Bash, cron and system integration.

Powerful Bash scripting interface with direct access to tool connectors and export operations.

  • Schedule tasks like project creation or report generation.
  • Parse the output of security scanners.
  • Automatically back up and archive all your sensitive information.

Low level scripting.

Advanced Ruby scripting to query the internal database and access every single piece of functionality.

An easy to use query language let's you inspect and manipulate all the data gathered through the system:

recent_projects.each do |project|

  puts "Listing issues for project #{}"

  with_scope(project) do
    issue_library = Node.issue_library
    Issue.where(node_id: do |issue|
      puts "* #{issue.title}"


More examples