Gain business insight across clients and projects.

Collect and visualize the metrics you define and trends across projects to make data driven decisions.

TheBusiness Intelligence Dashboard add-on helps distill valuable information about the many projects you run each year:

  • Define, collect, and visualize the project and client metrics that are relevant to your team.
  • Compare findings across two or more projects using trend analysis.
  • Answer questions like the type of projects you run, the industries you serve, or which are most profitable.
Business intelligence 01 Trend analysis

The Business Intelligence add-on is included as part of the Assess, Remediate, and Enterprise service tiers.

Already using Business Intelligence? Here are the support docs.

InfoSec project delivery 5-day crash course

Learn innovative, actionable techniques and approaches for reducing the overhead that drags down InfoSec project delivery. You’ll learn how to optimize:

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