Okta with Dradis

Seamless and secure authentication in Dradis Pro with Okta for single-sign-on

  • Make login smoother and more secure with Okta's single-sign-on integration for Dradis Pro
  • Easily grant or revoke permissions and provision users using role-based access control
  • Ensure user access policies and rules are applied consistently across your organization
  • Maintain access logging in support of your organization's compliance requirements
Okta screenshot

Okta is an enterprise-grade identity management solution. With Okta, manage access to your Dradis Pro instance, simplify user provisioning, and integrate a secure single sign-on (SSO) solution across the organization.

Creating reports with Dradis Pro saves us up to 4 hours per project compared to using Word manually.
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- Erik Cabetas

Managing Director at Include Security

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