The 30-day Implementation Plan

This is how we're going to make sure you're up and running with Dradis Pro.

Step 1: Deploy Dradis

Deploy the Dradis Pro VM in your network. Most teams deploy on-premises , but you can deploy to a few popular cloud options. We are here to help whichever direction you go.

Step 2: Send Report Samples

Send us your sample report for our team to convert to your custom Dradis report template. If you have an existing vuln description library or methodology, send those for us to convert too.

Step 3: Onboarding & Training

Attend an on-boarding and training session between your team and our Success team. Together, we'll make sure Dradis Pro is setup with your custom templates and your team knows how to use Dradis Pro.

Step 4: Generate Custom Reports

Time for you to create a project, perform your assessment, enter your manual findings, import output from scanning tools, and add notes to the project. Now, instead of manually writing the report, it's time for Dradis to generate it for you.

Step 5: Collaborate

Continue performing assessments and creating consistently high quality deliverables across the team. The month for the money back guarantee doesn't start until you are able to put Dradis Pro to work for you and we are here to help the entire time.

Ditch Project Overhead in 30 days
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Dradis saves us a massive amount of time on reporting, and it ensures that our quality standards are met every time. I'd say we probably save at least a day, maybe two days worth of effort on reporting per project.
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- Lewis Warner

Technical Lead at Unipart Cyber Security

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