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10 Portfleet Place, De Beauvoir Road,

London, N1 5SZ, United Kingdom

VAT Number: GB199197441.

Company registration number: 07389856

DUNS number: 216920081

Your Success Team

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Daniel's picture

Daniel Martin


Daniel created and open-sourced the Dradis Framework in 2007 - to do what he does best: help others work better by providing back-end tools that automate the boring parts.


Rachael's picture

Rachael Carder

Help & Support

From Word reports to bug reports, Rachael is here to help you figure out what's going wrong and how to fix it.


Aaron's picture

Aaron Manaloto


Aaron is a developer with a burning passion for computing. He makes sure that Dradis is the best tool for the job by contributing to its development and keeping it functionally sound.

Xavi's picture

Xavi Vila


Xavi's main goal is to improve Dradis without adding unnecessary complexity. He loves Ruby and at Security Roots has found a playground to cultivate that passion.


Tabatha's picture

Tabatha DiDomenico


Tabatha aims to help infosec teams shine at the work they love and do best by connecting them with the Dradis Framework.


Christoffer's picture

Christoffer Pedersen

Help & Support

Christoffer is here to help you with all of your support questions, to make sure that your reporting is how you want it and that Dradis is running as it should.

Matt's picture

Matt Budz

Product Design

Matt is a designer with a creative edge. He creates user-friendly, beautiful and responsive layouts that flow freely, allowing users to navigate easily and find what they need quickly and efficiently.


Brian's picture

Brian Pearce


A dad joke teller, cyclist, and software engineer. Brian is on board to help make Dradis run smooth and keep performance high.


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