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New in Dradis Pro v3.0

Dradis Professional Edition is a collaboration and reporting tool for information security teams that will help you create the same reports, in a fraction of the time.

For this release, we’ve squashed some pesky bugs and updated the system and its add-ons with new features that will make your team’s life easier.

The highlights of Dradis Pro v3.0

  • Add comments for issues
  • Add notifications for comments
  • Add subscriptions for issues in a project
  • Nest the dradis elements under the project scope
  • Add ‘Send to…’ menu for issues
  • Add better handling of the Services table
  • Use puma for the development and test server
  • Remove resque dependency
  • Improve redirect on Evidence#edit
  • Alphabetically sort ContentBlocks
  • Validate empty fields
  • Fix exporting with bc.. prepended with a newline
  • Fix password reset thor task
  • Fix cookie overflow
  • Fix license redirection
  • Fix missing lists bug
  • Add-on enhancements:
    • Add references and vulnerability_classifications fields in the Burp plugin
    • Fix formatting errors and hostname Node property in the Burp plugin
    • Fix vertical buttons for the CVSS calculator
    • Fix issue sorting in HTML export
    • Split services data in the Metasploit, Nessus, Nmap plugin
    • Update fields template in Nessus plugin
    • Add CVSS fields for the Netsparker plugin
    • Resolve nested duplicate content in Paragraph tags in the Nexpose plugin
    • Better handle finding `id`s in Nikto plugin
    • Smart table header for the IssueLibrary
  • Bugs fixed: #102, #118, #321
The IssueLibrary must be updated after you upgrade! Contact support for the files.
A quick video summary of what’s new in this release:

Comments, notifications, and subscriptions

You can now comment on issues within projects.  You can also tag other members of your team in a comment, or subscribe to a conversation.

If a team member is tagged in a comment or subscribed to a conversation that has received a comment, they will see a notification when they open their project.

One project per tab

You may now have multiple projects open in several tabs of your browser.  You are now able to switch freely between projects and tabs altering their content in any order – a boon for multitaskers!

API endpoints for Content Blocks and Document Properties

For users of our REST API, we have now added endpoints for Content Blocks and Document Properties. Now you may create, update, retrieve, and delete Content Blocks and Document Properties through the API.

Ready to upgrade to v3.0?

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These are some of the benefits you are missing out on:

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