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New in Dradis Pro v2.8

Dradis Professional Edition is a collaboration and reporting tool for information security teams that will help you create the same reports, in a fraction of the time.

For this zippy release, we’ve added a few features and fixed a few bugs to make your reporting life easier.

The highlights of Dradis Pro v2.8

  • Added the content blocks feature
  • Added delete option for document properties
  • Added Excel export through the command line
  • Allow .xlsx and .xlsm templates.
  • Added “Default for template” in Evidence multi-add form.
  • New add-on:
    • Netsparker upload
  • Add-on enhancements:
    • Update Nessus plugin to include CVSSv3 fields
    • Added HTTPS Support for the Mediawiki plugin
    • Added content blocks service in dradis-plugins
  • Bugs fixed: #150#157, #332.

A quick video summary of what’s new in this release:


Content Blocks

The new content blocks feature makes adding notes to your report a lot easier. Gone are the days when you have to tediously add a node, add a note to it then set a category, only for you to forget it a few days later.

Document Property Deletion

We’ve added a way for teams to be able to delete unused document properties from their projects. You won’t have to worry about them cluttering your project anymore!

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